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Democrats Choose Another Dead End Road

By John Geluardi
Hillary Clinton, Tom PerezThe Democratic National Committee has decided to stay on a lost road risking more failure, loss and corruption. By electing former Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, the party has signaled that its traditional base will continue to be strip teased while in the backroom, corporate interests are fully serviced.

Perez won the election on Saturday by beating progressive favorite Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison by a second-round vote of 235-200. Unfortunately, Perez is a symbol of how Democrats have abandoned their base. As President Barack Obama’s labor secretary, Perez was a supporter of the Trans Pacific Partnership despite the strong opposition of nearly every major U.S. union. As a Clinton campaign adviser, Perez sewed division among Dem voters by arguing for whitewashing Bernie Sanders’ campaign with false claims that Sanders’ support was driven by whites.

Perez’s victory will assure the corrupt and  failed wing of the Democratic Party will stay in power, if that’s a term that can any longer be affixed to the weakened political faction symbolized by a jackass and characterized by rent seeking. Under Obama’s two pro-corporate terms in the White House, the party suffered unprecedented losses. Democrats list of losses is long and depressing. It includes the White House, the Senate, Congress and more than 1,000 seats in state legislatures and a dozen governors’ mansions.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical Democrats revitalize the party. President Donald Trump is poised to roll back nearly all the hard fought advances in environmental policy, race relations, Wall Street regulations (such as they are) and what little political influence labor unions have been able to grasp onto.

bern-crowdAnd there’s no disagreement over which party has the energy to revitalize the Democratic Party. The primary campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders made it clear through the large rallies, individual donations and resonating message, that Democrats realize they’ve been abandoned by the party’s establishment. And the DNC has as much as admitted the party establishment is uninspired, outdated and corrupt by working to undermine the party’s own voters by attempting to suppress Sander’s surging popularity through Deborah Wasserman and John Podesta’s dirty tricks.

With the election of Perez, Democratic voters can only hope that fear and hatred of President Donald Trump will be enough for the Party to start winning elections again. Otherwise, short of finding another charismatic Barack Obama, the party establishment is embarrassingly lacking in inspiring candidates. Nowhere is this more problematic than the Rust Belt. Democrats need to bring Ohio, Pennsylvania and Minnesota back into the fold, and unless Perez can break free from the Clinton-designed Democratic establishment, the Party will continue to flounder on a road to nowhere.



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Bernie Sanders And The Change-Phobic Mainstream Media

Blue Bernie

By John Geluardi

While Sen. Bernie Sanders’ thrilling primary bid has exceeded all expectations, it has also drawn out the mainstream media’s resistance to change. For decades, the default mode for political coverage by large, corporate media outlets has been to protect the political status quo, and perhaps its own interests, no matter how corrupt, dysfunctional or apathetic the ruling political parties become.

It’s certainly true that Sanders has received a great deal of positive press and he is beloved on the internet, but there is still a prominent reactionary thread that is constant in its mission to undermine the independent minded Sanders’ message of economic fairness, Wall Street reform, ending corporate influence in politics and climate change. In fact, the more Sanders excites the Democratic base, the more plaintive these media forces become and one doesn’t have to do much Googling to find media dismissals of Sanders as a viable candidate.

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Times unabashedly compared Sanders, a respected elected official with a political record that stretches back to 1981, to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a wealthy real estate investor and flamboyant television personality with no political experience whatever. In a subtler approach, the Chicago Tribune assured Sanders’ supporters that they are not “delusional,” and that they should have fun while his campaign lasts, but then reminded them that “it’s still pretty clear that Sanders has no real chance of defeating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.”

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