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Stage Set for Wild Season 7

By John Geluardi


As the sublime sound of dragon wings fades into the distance, we can start to look up from the bleakness and possibly see a pencil-thin ray of hope. Yes,  Game of Thrones season 6 is over and our lives suddenly seem so vacuous that we wonder about how our geekiness is effecting our personal relationships and mental stability. But we can also maybe see that the Thrones’ skilled storytellers, Martin, Benioff, Weiss and incredible directors like Miguel Sapochnik, have left us with the makings for an incredible season 7.

Cersei Gets Her Ring Kissed

In a scene reminiscent of Godfather I, Cersei cleared the decks of all her enemies and became Queen of Westeros. All she had to do was by blow up the Great Sept of Baelor and kill hundreds. The list of dead is long, but I’ll see if can name the most important victims – there was the High Sparrow and all of the little sparrows, her son King Tommen’s wife, Queen Margery, the queen’s brother and heir to Highgarden Ser Loras Tyrell, Lord Mace Tyrell, Cersei’s Uncle Kevan Lannister, her cousin Lancel Lannister and nearly every member of the high court.

When King Tommen learns of his wife’s death, he throws himself from a window in the Red Keep. Cersei’s consigliere, Qyburn, has Grand Maester Pycelle brutally stabbed to death by a pack of precocious, preteen “little birds” and Cersei herself takes care of Septa Unella, the cruel nun-type character who tormented Cersei while she was imprisoned in a cell on the orders of the High Sparrow. Cersei introduces Unella to her “new God,” the Frankenstein-like Ser Gregor Clegane who presumably is going to torture her until well into next season.

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The Bastards and a Darker Sansa


By John Geluardi

The Battle of the Bastards was one of the most exhilarating set pieces ever created for television and perhaps film. The hacking violence and overwhelming confusion of horses, arrows, swords and axes was depicted in graphic medieval detail. The Stark Sigill flies again from Winterfell’s walls after Ramsey Bolton’s army was routed, and Bolton himself was set upon by his own hounds in an inglorious death that was among the most highly anticipated of all  Thrones’ despised villains.

But while the loser of the Battle of the Bastards was easy to identify, the winner is a bit more vague and the uncertainty is deeply troubling. The messy victory raises many questions about who will rule Winterfell and how heightened tensions between Sansa and Jon Snow will play out in the season’s final episode this Sunday.

There has been a lot of speculation among my fellow Thrones geeks about Sansa’s important role in the battle and a good deal of celebration about her officiating over Ramsey’s gruesome death. Most of the comments I’ve read about the new, ruthlessly pro-active Sansa have been positive. After years of watching her be victimized, fans are apparently rejoicing to see her take control over her life and seemingly to assert herself as a potential worthy leader of Winterfell and possibly the North. There’s no doubt, Sansa has become a major player.

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